Asukabu, stock community app, achieves a total of 2 mil forecasts


A Japanese FinTech venture fim, Finatext reported the firm’s stock community app “Asukabu”, which is a platform users forecast tomorrow’s stock price and discuss their ideas, achieved over 2 million accumulated total forecasts. Asukabu was developed by partnering with Rakuten Securities.

In the app, users forcast tomorrow’s price of a story stock of the day selected by its own algorithm. The community app collects the largest number of forecast a day in Japan. Within only 6 months after the achievement of 1 million forecast in September, 2015 as we reported, the app has reached a milestone of 2 million forecasts.

To expand its contents, Asukabu released a stock glossary on its app and will add more extensive contents which novice and experienced users can enjoy. In addition, it will build a strong community of its users by holding meet-ups.

finatext-logoFinatext also collaborates with the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ for trust fund app “Fundect” and with YJFX! for forex app “Karu FX”. In 2015, Asukabu won the best prize as only Japanese company at FinTech Contest organized by Maybank, the largest bank in Malaysia. The company also focuses on global expansion.

(Source: Finatext via PRTIMES )