2016.07.20 1:43

GMO CLICK launched Forex app, FXclue, developed with Finatext

GMO CLICK launched Forex app, FXclue, developed with Fintext

Source: http://jftoday.com/GMO+CLICK+launched+Forex+app,+FXclue,+developed+with+Fintext/ The Japanese broking giant, GMO CLICK Securities and a Japanese FinTech Venture, Finatext launchecd a forex app named “FXclue” which was jointly developed for forex beginners. finatext-logoThis new smarphone app quizzes about signals that are used for technical indicators to educate users and give clues for real forex trading. The app has a high degree of usability and allows users to steadily learn meanings of the signals and basic knowledge. Key features include explanations of technical indicators and up/down trend signs, quiz to ensure users’ understandings for each section and a list of technical indicators which users can see real-time up/down trends indicated by the indicators by stepping forward in the quiz.
(Source: GMO CLICK Securities )