2 Japanese FinTech Ventures, Finatext and NOWCAST collaborate for kabu.com Securities

Source: http://jftoday.com/2+Japanese+FinTech+Ventures,+Finatext+and+NOWCAST+collaborate+for+kabu.com+Securities/

Japanese 2 FinTech ventures, Finatext and NOWCAST announced that they start joint development of personal advisory service of asset management for individual investors at kabu.com Securities.

Since Finatext announced cooperation with kabu.com Securities in April this year, the Fintech venture has provided ranking of individual issues created by utilizing algorithm Finatext developed to the securities company.

NOWCAST was established by one of the laboratories at the University of Tokyo, providing stasttical database that provides real-time economic statistics using big data including Nikkei CPINow price index.

Through the latest joint project, they plan to provide a service to review the situation of asset management for kabu.com Securities’customers, and for the specific customer group who meet requirements, they will provide an advanced private advisory service utilizing data analyzing technology powered by Finatext and NOWCAST based on their actual trading data.

Back in August, 2016, Fintext and NOWCAST integrated their management to aim for developing and offering new financial services by taking advantages of their big data, and data analysis capability. The joint development with kabu.com Securities is the first project since the integration of management.

(Source: NOWCAST )