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具体的には、お客様に安心して本サービスをご利用いただけるよう、個人情報の取扱いに関する法令、国が定める指針その他の規範ならびに個人情報保護マネジメントシステムの要求事項(JIS Q 15001:2006)を役員および全従業員が遵守するとともに、個人情報への不正アクセス、個人情報の漏えい、滅失、毀損破壊等のリスクに対する社内規程を整備するなど、合理的な安全対策、予防策および是正策を講じます。







代表取締役 林 良太

Privacy Policy (English Translated)

Please note that the Japanese version of the privacy policy is the primary, and the English version is merely as reference for readers.

In providing our services, we recognize the importance of customers’ personal information and believe that it is our greatest responsibility to ensure its through protection. Hence, we will enact this privacy policy and will handle matters concerning personal information accordingly.

More specifically, in order for customers to use our services with confidence, laws and regulations related to the handling of personal information, guidelines stipulated by the country and other regulations/personal information management system requirements (JIS Q 15001:2006) will be followed by executives and all company employees. We will take such reasonable security measures in addition to appropriate preventative / corrective measures against unauthorized access to personal information, disclosure of personal information, loss, maintaining internal rules to manage the risk of such damage/destruction.

We appropriately acquire, use and provide the personal information concerning the company’s business operations, employee employment, personnel management etc. within the scope of the previously specified purposes, to the extent necessary for achieving the purpose of use. We will not handle personal information beyond the purpose (outside purpose of use). Furthermore, we will take appropriate measures to ensure its enforcement.

We will establish internal regulations towards the handling of complaints and consultations regarding the handling of personal information, in order to respond promptly and sincerely to such inquiries.

We will thoroughly disseminate these to executives and all employees, review our company’s personal information protection management system as necessary, and continually improve the personal information protection management system in light of the business environment etc.

Date enacted1st Dec 2016 

Last revision date1st Dec 2016

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Representative Director Ryota Hayashi